I’ll Never Sew Again!! Tales of UFOs and Persistence

Mom looked at what I’d stitched and remarked, “it’s not right, tear it out and do it over.”  I wadded up the garment, threw it in the corner and announced, “I’m never sewing again!!” I recall that moment more than 50 years ago, but not the garment or its issues.

My Mom was a gifted sewist herself and she was patient with teaching me the craft at such a young age. Sewing had always been a part of her life and I think it gave her joy when I expressed an interest as well, I announced at age seven that I wanted to be a fashion designer and started with paper doll clothes made out of fabric. I was always eager to learn and proud of my makes and to this day, at 89, Mom beams when I thank her for sharing her knowledge with me.  That day long ago, she didn’t try to convenience me how much I loved sewing and to not be frustrated, she just let me stew.  It was probably one of the best lessons she ever taught me.

Obviously, I didn’t stay away from sewing for very long.  Continue reading